Fern Technique

What is the Fern Pattern Technique?

At NM Aesthetics, the best filler injectors in Arlington, VA, we're achieving beautifully natural and longer-lasting skin revitalization for our patients using an advanced technique called the Fern Pattern Technique.

For many patients, the number one goal when considering dermal fillers is to achieve smooth, natural-looking results that don't make it obvious they've "had work done." However, traditional filler injection methods don't always deliver on this goal, especially when it comes to treating severe wrinkles and folds.

The Fern Pattern Technique injects Restylane in small amounts into the dermal layer of skin, creating collagen and elastin. This strengthens the skin, and results last longer after the filler is gone because of the increased collagen and elastin. The Fern Pattern Technique also uses less filler to provide a correction that is not visible at rest or during dynamic movement for lines that deepen during a smile, as well as the dynamic lower nasolabial fold, giving it a more natural look. 

This technique can be used to treat smile lines, jowling, horizontal neck lines, and even deep forehead and glabellar lines

With standard filler techniques, product is injected directly underneath wrinkles in a linear pattern in an attempt to "fill" and smooth them from below. While this approach can soften lines temporarily, it doesn't address the underlying reasons those wrinkles formed so deeply in the first place - loss of structural support, decreased elasticity, and lack of volume. The results are less natural looking with less dynamic movement. 

As a result, wrinkles may re-emerge within just a few months as the skin continues to age and lose laxity. Patients are often disappointed that the results don't last very long before they need a repeat treatment, racking up more costs over time.

The Advantages of the Fern Pattern Technique: 

  • Longer-Lasting Smoothing
  • More Natural-Looking Results
  • Customized for Your Facial Anatomy
  • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production
  • Less Filler Required 

Through the strategic injection process, the Fern Pattern Technique doesn't just temporarily fill in lines but actually works to improve the underlying structure and quality of your skin over time. The results are smoother, more sculpted, and natural-looking facial contours that look wonderfully revitalized - never overfilled or distorted. 

The Fern Technique was developed in 2005 by Dr. Tom van Eijk, and Megan Francis, owner and founder of NM Aesthetics, is now the trainer for Tom van Eijk Academy in the United States. If you’d like to learn more about this training or to request information, email us at info@nmaesthetics.com 


If you're ready to take the next step towards long-lasting facial rejuvenation, book your consultation at NM Aesthetics, the best filler injectors in Arlington, VA, today! We'll develop a customized treatment plan to achieve your personal aesthetic goals. You can learn more about our dermal filler services here. 

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